Miscible Displacement

Collection SS/2K16
Royal Academy of Fine Arts / Antwerp

Reinventing the typical balkan folklore style by mixing it with sportswear. Folkloric elements are present in the collection but twisted and mixed in order to obtain a modern feeling. Sometimes completely unrelated details appear and remind on a indirect way, a folklore vibe by their location, colour or shape on the silhouette. Big foam blocks referring to the safety swimming belts, but graphically inspired by traditional symbols. Traditional embroideries and decorations on the garments are being stylised, and interpreted into organic graphics. Balance between tradition and innovation. Functionality becomes beauty only when it looses its purpose and put in a different context.

LOTS OF KISSES TO: Mama & Tati, Olya Kartcheva, MichaƂ Gruca, Dave, Sofie Gaudaen, Ognyana Teneva, Natali Sarkisyan, Rumen Rachev and many other supporters.

pictures: Kiril Dimitrov
Model: Wim, Raymond